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V Zurich: Classic & Vintage

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I have recently moved to Zurich. While packing for the big move, i discovered a lot of things i have left in a corner of the closet, almost forgotten. Amongst the pieces i found, there is one that is a true vintage and definitely classic – the Louis Vuitton Poppy that was a gift from my Mom. It was also my very first Louis Vuitton.

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V London: Boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding (part 2: Evening dinner reception)

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It is typical in Germany to have an all day wedding. They usually start with the ceremony in a church in the day and continues the day with cocktail and finger food, and in the evening a wedding reception and party. For the evening, it is typically slightly more formal – a cocktail dress is a must. I chose to wear a black and white tube dress and matched it with a pair of electric blue pumps to add some color to it. 😉

在德國的婚禮都是慶祝一整天, 通常會先在教堂有個婚禮儀式緊接著雞尾酒會, 晚上就是晚飯跟趴踢. 晚上的慶祝晚餐場合會比較正式, 所以換上正式的小洋裝絕對是必要的. 希望大家會喜歡我今天的黑白小洋裝配上寶藍色的高跟鞋喔!

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V London: Lavender

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Another color you will see a lot in this year’s spring collection is Lavender. I am not a big fan of this coir because i think it looks way too girly. But i managed to find a piece from Zara that i can match with shorts and jeans – look how I created outfits with this piece of lavender top!

這一季會常看到的另一個顏色是薰衣草紫, 因為這是一個比較女性的顏色, 比較偏好中性色的我沒有這麼的偏愛, 但是還是在Zara找到了一件top來跟我的短褲還有牛仔褲做搭配, 大家來看看我怎麼搭配他們吧!

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V London: Flirty flare skirts and boots (Part 1)


Recently S had been talking a lot about her new found love for pencil skirts. So i thought i will also talk a little bit about my love for flare skirts. I find flare skirts extremely easy to match with all types of boots in an outfit.

最近S跟大家分享了她對於鉛筆裙(pencil skirt)的狂熱 我今天就決定來跟大家分享我對波浪裙的喜愛 我就發現波浪裙可以因為不同的場合來做搭配 就完全看你想要走什麼樣的感覺 也很好搭配不同風格的靴子

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V London: Make a Statement / 倫敦街頭直擊”浮誇項鍊”

2013-06-09 13.10.10

Even though we mentioned that most brands are trending toward bright, vibrant colors and aggressive patterns in this spring’s collection, we still see a lot of the denim, black and white color schemes around town in London. Most girls tend to stick with colors like denim (all shades), black and white in their outfit. Instead, they add that little bit of color and personality through accessories – statement necklaces in particular this spring.

雖然說今年春夏很流行不是很亮就是很花的顏色跟圖案 有趣的是 在倫敦街頭 黑白跟牛仔布顏色卻還是倫敦女孩兒們最常穿的顏色 其實我偷偷發現 她們都默默的把春夏流行的元素放到首飾上了 變換不同的首飾 來帶出她們今天想要走的風格 你說是不是既聰明又實惠呢! 提到首飾 第一個想到就是我們這季提過好幾次的*Statement Necklace* (浮誇項鍊)

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