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crYs SH: 早春要這麼穿, 花兒要這麼配,才可以跟上春天的腳步


浪漫是春天的關鍵字, 所有都籠罩在粉紅的雲霧裡, 春天到來, 你的時尚穿搭及花藝搭配怎麼可以少了春意的點綴!不論是一束保加利亞的粉色玫瑰, 還是一件春意滿滿的粉色風衣都會為你帶來美好的心情!

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V London: Yellow

image Its Spring! Finally the season of blooming flowers and vibrant colors. 🙂 This year, yellow is definitely still in for spring. Of course, i have to prep myself for this with different outfits with yellow as an element. If you are not a big fan of yellow, you can try matching with black and white to tone it down a little. If you like bold mix and matches, then you can add a bright piece of accessory to make the outfit more fun as well!

春天來嚕! 終於又到了花花的季節了! 今年春天黃色絕對還是當道, 我也準備好了一系列以黃色為主軸的穿搭, 假如你擔心黃色配上太春天的顏色會太亮, 太誇張, 那就試著搭配黑色或白色走比較低調的路線, 也還是很IN喔! 🙂

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