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Syl SF: Is Spring here yet?

Photo Mar 21, 8 56 50 PM

The weather in SF has been inconsistent lately. The sun would come out in the morning but the temperature would suddenly drop and rain would come from nowhere in the afternoon. This morning I was so excited to wear a bright yellow jacket with pastel pink pants to welcome the spring season and to look great for the Rebecca Minkoff event.

舊金山的天氣最近很不穩定。常常早上出太陽,中午以後卻下大雨。今天早上我還很興奮的穿上春天的顏色要去參加Rebecca Minkoff的event。沒想到太陽出現不到兩個小時,馬上又開始下起大雨!

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Syl SF: Meeting Rebacca Minkoff

Photo Mar 19, 1 01 21 PM

I have been asked by my readers to discuss what are my favorite brands. This is a very tough question since I usually like to shop for cute and fashionable products and not just brands.  As I grow older, I really look for the quality and not just the hottest trends.


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Syl SF: Rainy Day in SF

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It has been raining non-stop for the past two weeks in San Francisco. The weather is cold, wet, and windy. Although we need rain to help with the drought, I do miss the sun and warm weather. Thanks to my favorite Hunter rain boots, my feet get to stay dry and warm. I got this limited edition 2 years ago in Taipei. They don’t look like one of the classy Hunter collections and instead are so much lighter, slimmer and the best thing is that you wouldn’t even know they were rain boots if you didn’t pay close attention!

這兩個禮拜以來應該是我在舊金山看到下這麼久的雨一次! 又冷,又濕,風也超大。雖然說灣區乾旱很久了,但是我還是很想念那可愛的加州陽光。感謝Hunter雨靴度過這兩個禮拜。我是在兩年前的冬天在信義誠品買的,當下一看到就很喜歡,因為它的設計有別於一般典型的Hunter 雨靴,比較輕,也比較能修飾腿型,最棒的是你要近看才會發現這是雨靴!

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Syl Cancun: Summer Getaway Part 3(Crop Top)

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今年夏天怎麼可以沒有幾件crop top跟高腰jeans shorts?! 我個人覺得高腰jeans shorts不好買, 因為不合身型的話, 屁股反而看起來會變大, 大腿看起來也會變粗, 除非你是比較骨感的女生~S這件高腰小短褲是在Zara買的, 最近Zara也在大特價, 大家可以去那裏挖寶喔!

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S Cancun: Summer Getaways

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Cancun, Mexico台灣人可能對這個地方比較陌生, 對美國人來說它是一個渡假勝地, 也是大學生spring break瘋狂party的地方, 因為離德州比較近的關係, S跟自己的女生好友就來過了兩次, 這次是因為好友結婚的關係…又有機會再回來!

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Syl Austin: Casual Look / 輕鬆穿搭天


When I’m lazy to select an outfit, I always go for a white t-shirt paired with bold colors like this blue bottom. Of course accessories play a big role too!

每當懶惰不想打扮的時候, 我就會穿上我最愛的白T配上亮眼的褲子或是高跟鞋, 飾品的搭配當然也非常重要!

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Syl Austin: Summer Shopping Day / 逛街去


Top: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Necklace: Altar’d State,
Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I have been having so much fun pairing my skort (skirt + short) with everything. From the front, it looks like a skirt but is actually a pair of shorts. You can combine this with high heels for going on a date or with sandals or wedge sneakers for shopping day and/or brunch. This style also carries black and blue colors but I prefer white since it’s summer time. Also this season I have worn lots of bold, pastel and neon colors and floral prints tops and I think white colors go really well with all of them!

這件在Zara買到的褲裙 很妙 前面看起來像裙子 其實卻是一件短褲 因為是硬版的關係 隨便搭配個高跟鞋的話 就可以很正式 你想搭配涼鞋或是增高運動鞋馬上就變得很休閒 用途很廣 它還有黑色跟藍色 我自己比較喜歡白色  因為今夏我有很多亮色 馬卡龍色 跟花花圖案的上衣 搭配白色是在好不過!

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V London: I’m a Blazer Queen / 就愛西裝外套


Boyfriend Blazer: Alice & Olivia,
Sunglasses: Gucci
Pumps: Michael Kors

I’m obsessed with all kinds of blazers.  I believe a nice blazer can bring out the look and a different  personality even though you only wear a simple top or pants.

在我的衣櫥中 西裝外套占了很大一部分 光黑色我就有六七件 一件好看的西裝外套絕對可以輕易幫你把你的個性跟時尚度帶出來!

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Syl Chicago: Party at Windy City / 聖派翠克節在芝加哥


Black & Gold Dress: Bebe,
Necklace: Zara

Mr. Bear took me to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day with friends. A huge Irish population combined with many tourists made St. Patrick’s Day celebration even bigger and crazier!

這是我第二次造訪芝加哥了 可是卻是第一次這裡過聖派翠克節 由於這裡有廣大的愛爾蘭後裔 所以每年的聖派翠克節慶祝活動都辦得非常盛大

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