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Syl Ibiza: Platform Espadrille Sneakers

Photo Mar 23, 10 27 10 PM

Spring is a fun season for sandals, wedges and espadrilles. So what is trendy for this Spring? I would say its definitely the platform espadrilles sneakers. If you have ever traveled to Spain, you would have seen espadrilles everywhere. I accidentally saw and got this pair of platform espadrille sneakers in Ibiza last October because I was so tired of wearing flip flops while walking on stone roads all day.

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Syl AZ: Denim Dress in the Desert

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Scottsdale is a really fun city to visit. I love the dry-heat, gigantic cacti everywhere, crazy night life, clean streets, and nice people. Old town Scottsdale is my favorite as well as Sedona. I love that people here always dress nicely when going out for brunch or dinner and so for my brunch today I wore a summer denim dress paired with my favorite comfortable wedges from TOMS.

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V London: Colorful Fall

image (2)

We are entering fall, leaves are falling and the weather is starting to get chilly. When you think of outfits for the fall, one mainly thinks of the dark and dull colors – but sometimes in a time of depressing weather, colorful outfits can help you get through the few months until the happy months of Christmas comes by. 🙂

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V London: Lavender

image (6)

Another color you will see a lot in this year’s spring collection is Lavender. I am not a big fan of this coir because i think it looks way too girly. But i managed to find a piece from Zara that i can match with shorts and jeans – look how I created outfits with this piece of lavender top!

這一季會常看到的另一個顏色是薰衣草紫, 因為這是一個比較女性的顏色, 比較偏好中性色的我沒有這麼的偏愛, 但是還是在Zara找到了一件top來跟我的短褲還有牛仔褲做搭配, 大家來看看我怎麼搭配他們吧!

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V London: Yellow

image Its Spring! Finally the season of blooming flowers and vibrant colors. 🙂 This year, yellow is definitely still in for spring. Of course, i have to prep myself for this with different outfits with yellow as an element. If you are not a big fan of yellow, you can try matching with black and white to tone it down a little. If you like bold mix and matches, then you can add a bright piece of accessory to make the outfit more fun as well!

春天來嚕! 終於又到了花花的季節了! 今年春天黃色絕對還是當道, 我也準備好了一系列以黃色為主軸的穿搭, 假如你擔心黃色配上太春天的顏色會太亮, 太誇張, 那就試著搭配黑色或白色走比較低調的路線, 也還是很IN喔! 🙂

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Syl Austin: Purple Ruffled Dress


Lots of women including myself have many dresses sitting in the closet. You wear them one time and then forget you bought them. Today I decided to pair both old accessories and my purple ruffled dress that I wore a year ago for a new look.

你的衣櫥裡有沒有很多件小洋裝都只穿過了一次之後就忘記它的存在了 今天 心血來潮把去年只穿過一次的紫色小洋裝拿出來跟我一些舊的首飾來做搭配 由首飾來帶出整體不一樣的搭配感!

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V London: I’m a Blazer Queen / 就愛西裝外套


Boyfriend Blazer: Alice & Olivia,
Sunglasses: Gucci
Pumps: Michael Kors

I’m obsessed with all kinds of blazers.  I believe a nice blazer can bring out the look and a different  personality even though you only wear a simple top or pants.

在我的衣櫥中 西裝外套占了很大一部分 光黑色我就有六七件 一件好看的西裝外套絕對可以輕易幫你把你的個性跟時尚度帶出來!

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