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Syl SF: Culottes Kind of Day

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI just love all different styles of culottes. They are so comfy that I love wearing them especially on the one week of every month since my whole body gets so bloated. They are so easy to dress up or dress down. Matching your culottes with your sweatshirts and sneakers completes the casual look while matching them with your blouse and pumps completes a more formal look. They are just so versatile and easy to pair with. 🙂

我迷戀各種款式的褲裙已經很久了。他們就是這麽舒服。尤其是女生每個月的那個特別的禮拜, 總是大水腫的我,褲裙就是那個禮拜的最愛。不管是想要正式的穿著或是休閒的打扮,都非常好搭配。

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V London: What’s in My Travel Bag? / 我的旅行包都帶了什麼呢?


I am always in search for a good travel bag. The list of criteria I have for selecting the right bag are: 1) volume – the bag must have enough volume to put All my travel essentials 2) light weight – it cannot be made of material that weighs a ton as I will be lugging my belongings through airports.. Some airports are huge as you all know. 3) it has to be relatively stain resistant – I typically choose a darker color to make sure I won’t have to be overly paranoid about it getting dirty if places on the ground on the flight.

With all these actors in mind, the Balenciaga Work fits all my basic requirements. I also purposefully chose a color that is more tolerant to stains.

一個好用的旅行包 我通常會注意到以下三個要點 第一 “包包的大小” 一定要足夠我擺下旅行時所有在飛機上會用到的東西 第二 “包包的重量” 在機場奔波已經很累人了 包包在重 不是會更累人 第三 “不易髒” 我通常會選比較深的顏色 就不會每次在坐飛機時 都很神經兮兮的怕包包放在地上會被弄髒

哈 當然最後終於找到這個紫色機車包符合以上三個要點 今天我要跟大家分享在旅行時那些好用的東西

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V London: Marc by Marc Jacobs Perfume Accessories / 我的蒐藏品…Marc Jacobs香水首飾


It all started with long haul international flights to and from the US, Asia and Europe for work. Last year alone I flew almost a quarter million miles! The first time I noticed the the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories was when I got really bored and flipped through the inflight shopping catalog. The Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring caught my attention. It was too cute to miss – I decided to make a purchase almost immediately as it was not too expensive. I later found out Marc Jacobs had only just started making these perfume accessories and the Lola was initially a limited edition and exclusive on certain airline flights and duty free locations.

什麼開始蒐集Marc by Marc Jacobs香水首飾呢? 去年一整年 因為工作的需要 我常常在歐洲 美國跟亞洲之間飛來飛去 就是因為太常旅行 飛機上的電影早就看完一輪 所以開始翻閱飛機上免稅商店目錄 沒想到就被我發現這個可愛的MJ香水首飾 我第一個入手的是Marc by Marc Jacobs Lola香水戒指 價格合理又是機上限定版(女生只要聽到限定版 一定會受不了) 當然不加思索就把它馬上買下來  事後 才發現MJ其實也才剛剛開始這個系列 而且這個Lola香水戒指也只有在一些特定的免稅商店才買得到


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Syl Chicago: Party at Windy City / 聖派翠克節在芝加哥


Black & Gold Dress: Bebe,
Necklace: Zara

Mr. Bear took me to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day with friends. A huge Irish population combined with many tourists made St. Patrick’s Day celebration even bigger and crazier!

這是我第二次造訪芝加哥了 可是卻是第一次這裡過聖派翠克節 由於這裡有廣大的愛爾蘭後裔 所以每年的聖派翠克節慶祝活動都辦得非常盛大

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