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V London: Bejeweled (Part 1)


Stud earrings: Kate Spade

As we step into fall/winter, you may have already heard that jewels are a key element in this season’s trends. Not only are we talking about jewel colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire, we are also talking about actual pieces of jewels. This season, you will find a lot of accessories with jewels on them, giving them a vintage elegance touch. I have bought a few pieces of small accessories to add a little tint of color to my fall outfit.

珠寶配飾在今年秋冬大放光彩 不是你一般想像的珠寶 像祖母綠, 紅寶石和藍寶石等等 應該是首飾中在加上珠寶的裝飾 帶出復古跟高雅的感覺 今天就要跟大家分享我如何在這季秋冬搭配我的珠寶首飾

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V London: What’s in My Travel Bag? / 我的旅行包都帶了什麼呢?


I am always in search for a good travel bag. The list of criteria I have for selecting the right bag are: 1) volume – the bag must have enough volume to put All my travel essentials 2) light weight – it cannot be made of material that weighs a ton as I will be lugging my belongings through airports.. Some airports are huge as you all know. 3) it has to be relatively stain resistant – I typically choose a darker color to make sure I won’t have to be overly paranoid about it getting dirty if places on the ground on the flight.

With all these actors in mind, the Balenciaga Work fits all my basic requirements. I also purposefully chose a color that is more tolerant to stains.

一個好用的旅行包 我通常會注意到以下三個要點 第一 “包包的大小” 一定要足夠我擺下旅行時所有在飛機上會用到的東西 第二 “包包的重量” 在機場奔波已經很累人了 包包在重 不是會更累人 第三 “不易髒” 我通常會選比較深的顏色 就不會每次在坐飛機時 都很神經兮兮的怕包包放在地上會被弄髒

哈 當然最後終於找到這個紫色機車包符合以上三個要點 今天我要跟大家分享在旅行時那些好用的東西

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