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Syl & C: Vegas Baby!


The sin city, Vegas, has always been one of my favorite cities in the US. Besides being known for unofficial national hot spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties, Vegas is also the best city for a short get-away with girlfriends. If you like shopping, watching shows, night life and enjoying good food, Vegas is definitely the best place to go! Believe it or not, girls actually spend less money here than going anywhere else in the US for partying, better price and experiences!

罪惡之城Vegas一直都是我在美國最喜歡的城市之一。除了是單身派對的最佳去處以外,Vegas也很適合跟一大票好姐妹去玩。所有女生喜歡做的事情這裡都有:逛街,看秀,夜生活,美食! 也不用擔心交通的問題,只要飯店住得對,到哪裡都是walking distance,當然走累了,滿街的計程車跟uber隨招隨有。不要以為這樣子的行程需要花大把鈔票,其實會跟其他的美國大城市比,Vegas卻便宜多了!

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Syl Austin: Purple Ruffled Dress


Lots of women including myself have many dresses sitting in the closet. You wear them one time and then forget you bought them. Today I decided to pair both old accessories and my purple ruffled dress that I wore a year ago for a new look.

你的衣櫥裡有沒有很多件小洋裝都只穿過了一次之後就忘記它的存在了 今天 心血來潮把去年只穿過一次的紫色小洋裝拿出來跟我一些舊的首飾來做搭配 由首飾來帶出整體不一樣的搭配感!

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