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Syl BCN: Hola! Barcelona!

Photo Sep 26, 7 11 51 AM

I didn’t think I would visit Barcelona so soon again! 4 years later I’m here for my best friend’s wedding.  Barcelona is still amazing and I can’t resist its charm: gorgeous weather, amazing food and friendly people! As soon as I landed in BCN, I realized that I left my heart here 4 years ago and it never left!

從來沒有想到四年後我還會再回來西班牙,而且這次還是為了好朋友的婚禮而來。巴塞隆納還是這麼的美,百吃不膩的tapas還是這麼美味,當然還有熱情的南歐人還是一樣好客。當飛機一降落,我才恍然發現我的心在四年前一直都留在這從來沒有離開過! 🙂

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Syl SF: Culottes Kind of Day

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI just love all different styles of culottes. They are so comfy that I love wearing them especially on the one week of every month since my whole body gets so bloated. They are so easy to dress up or dress down. Matching your culottes with your sweatshirts and sneakers completes the casual look while matching them with your blouse and pumps completes a more formal look. They are just so versatile and easy to pair with. 🙂

我迷戀各種款式的褲裙已經很久了。他們就是這麽舒服。尤其是女生每個月的那個特別的禮拜, 總是大水腫的我,褲裙就是那個禮拜的最愛。不管是想要正式的穿著或是休閒的打扮,都非常好搭配。

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Syl & C: Who doesn’t love dress code?!

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We are like most other girls. We love dressing up and playing with different dress codes. Although I have to admit that I’m the one who enjoys proposing dress code ideas whenever we have a chance.  I know my friends sometimes get a little bit annoyed by me. Although they all like to complain every time at first, they still turn up looking so beautiful and dressed up! I’m always so proud of them and it is just so much fun! There is no doubt that girls love finding different excuses to go on a shopping trip! 😉

就跟每個女生一樣:喜歡打扮,喜歡在party的時候玩不同的穿著主題規定。老實說在一群姐妹們當中,只要有逮到任何可以打扮的機會,我最愛第一個發號施令規定大家的穿著。我也知道很多時候我的姐妹會覺得很煩跟囉嗦,不過看到大家最後都還是亮麗出場玩得不亦樂乎, 我就格外的開心!  不可否認,每個女生天性都是一樣的,逮到機會可以好好逛街買東西,怎麼可以浪費。

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Syl SF: Silk Culottes

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After I got two pairs in Korea this May, I absolutely fell in love with wide leg pants. The reason why I like them so much is because wide leg pants are perfect for the hot and humid summer season. Your legs are able to breathe and you will not be sweating while strolling the streets. If, like me, you are a human who dislikes butt sweat, wide leg pants are an even grander option, and infinitely airier than everyday dresses.

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V London: New Years Eve outfit

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had just a great start of the year 2015 as I did.

Every year, the new years eve party is one that is very much looked forward to. This past party celebrating the end of 2014, I spent it in Germany with a few close friends watching the fireworks and  going to a club after.

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V London: Colorful Fall

image (2)

We are entering fall, leaves are falling and the weather is starting to get chilly. When you think of outfits for the fall, one mainly thinks of the dark and dull colors – but sometimes in a time of depressing weather, colorful outfits can help you get through the few months until the happy months of Christmas comes by. 🙂

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Syl Taipei: Loving Brunch (25 Lusk)


Crop Top依然獨領風騷, 即使在寒冷的冬天, 還是可以在歐美的明星身上看到Crop top dress or skirt的蹤跡, 之前在台北的時候的確比較少看到crop top,偶爾S只能在Zara店裡可以看到, 這次回來美國就在流行度很高的H&M跟Forever 21發現滿山滿谷的crop top, 讓我逛得不亦樂乎 哈! 今天S穿的這件黑色crop top是在H&M買到的, 跟C一樣, 我們對於流行度很高的款式, 都比較prefer在比較平價的店裡購買!

先預告一下, S會針對Crop top寫一篇文章喔!!!

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crYs Shanghai: MONKI & WEEKDAY by H&M in Osaka JP


今天夏天,一個人到日本做了充電的旅行.去了5個城市,其中到大阪的行程,少不了是到有名的心齋橋區(Shinsaibashi )逛街.這次專程到了才開張不久的MONKI & WEEKDAY朝拜!對亞洲人來說,這兩個牌子可能比較陌生,這兩家品牌都是H&M Group裡的一員.設計上比H&M更有趣味和設計感.雖然價錢也相應有所調整.但是還是可以在可接受的範圍內!到大阪的朋友們千萬不要錯過喔!

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