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V Zurich: Classic & Vintage

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I have recently moved to Zurich. While packing for the big move, i discovered a lot of things i have left in a corner of the closet, almost forgotten. Amongst the pieces i found, there is one that is a true vintage and definitely classic – the Louis Vuitton Poppy that was a gift from my Mom. It was also my very first Louis Vuitton.

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V London: Staying warm for the New Years


It’s Chinese New Year! Although I’m currently away from home and will not be celebrating the new years, my parents still remind of the traditions such as not to wear black over Chinese New Year. Since it is freezing cold in London in February, i made sure i atop up on the non-black outerwear to keep myself warm.

中國新年又到嚕! 雖然說我今年不在亞洲慶祝過年, 但老爸老媽還是不忘提醒我過新年的時候有一些傳統還是不要忘記 好比說衣服的顏色越喜氣越好等等 因為現在倫敦的天氣實在是冷到不行 厚重的大衣當然不離身 在新年這段期間 我就盡量避免平常最常穿的黑色大衣好迎接新年 🙂

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V London: I am taking you shopping in London (French Connection & Reiss) / 帶你到倫敦逛街嚕!

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I love shopping in London. They always have the most trendy things in stores and you can almost find any brand you can think of. Today I will take you all shopping to see what’s the latest trends in stores here. 🙂

最愛在倫敦逛街了! 在倫敦 只要你想的到牌子 在這裡都找的到 今天我要帶你繼續看看英國最近在流行什麼?!

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