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Syl & C: Who doesn’t love dress code?!

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We are like most other girls. We love dressing up and playing with different dress codes. Although I have to admit that I’m the one who enjoys proposing dress code ideas whenever we have a chance.  I know my friends sometimes get a little bit annoyed by me. Although they all like to complain every time at first, they still turn up looking so beautiful and dressed up! I’m always so proud of them and it is just so much fun! There is no doubt that girls love finding different excuses to go on a shopping trip! 😉

就跟每個女生一樣:喜歡打扮,喜歡在party的時候玩不同的穿著主題規定。老實說在一群姐妹們當中,只要有逮到任何可以打扮的機會,我最愛第一個發號施令規定大家的穿著。我也知道很多時候我的姐妹會覺得很煩跟囉嗦,不過看到大家最後都還是亮麗出場玩得不亦樂乎, 我就格外的開心!  不可否認,每個女生天性都是一樣的,逮到機會可以好好逛街買東西,怎麼可以浪費。

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V London: Staying warm for the New Years


It’s Chinese New Year! Although I’m currently away from home and will not be celebrating the new years, my parents still remind of the traditions such as not to wear black over Chinese New Year. Since it is freezing cold in London in February, i made sure i atop up on the non-black outerwear to keep myself warm.

中國新年又到嚕! 雖然說我今年不在亞洲慶祝過年, 但老爸老媽還是不忘提醒我過新年的時候有一些傳統還是不要忘記 好比說衣服的顏色越喜氣越好等等 因為現在倫敦的天氣實在是冷到不行 厚重的大衣當然不離身 在新年這段期間 我就盡量避免平常最常穿的黑色大衣好迎接新年 🙂

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crYs Shanghai: Fashion Week-CEPHAS / 上海時尚週之台灣設計師Cephas


I got invited to Cephas 2014 Spring Collection fashion show during Shanghai Fashion week. I was really excited about this show because the designer is originally from Taiwan. After college, Cephas moved to London to continue studying at University of the Arts London and worked there for a couple of years.  While he was in London, he interned for Alexander McQueen and Avshalom Gur. In 2012, he branched out on his own and created “Cephas”.  His style is taking Men’s suits and translating it into women’s styles.

這次被邀請到Cephas的秀,台灣人一定要支持台灣設計師呀! 他的詳細簡介可以在他的官網裡看到.他畢業於實踐大學後就到英國深造了,他的設計風格帶有男裝的風格,擅長用解構詮釋他的作品.在這次的秀服中,就可以很深的體會到.

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Syl Chicago: Party at Windy City / 聖派翠克節在芝加哥


Black & Gold Dress: Bebe,
Necklace: Zara

Mr. Bear took me to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day with friends. A huge Irish population combined with many tourists made St. Patrick’s Day celebration even bigger and crazier!

這是我第二次造訪芝加哥了 可是卻是第一次這裡過聖派翠克節 由於這裡有廣大的愛爾蘭後裔 所以每年的聖派翠克節慶祝活動都辦得非常盛大

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