Syl SF: S.P.Y. Boutique in SF

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Korean fashion has been the leading trend in Asia for the past 5 years. After moving back to Asia, I have fallen in love with Korean style of dress.  Similar to European styles, Korean adds much more detail with better cuts for petite, slim, and tall female figures.  I and other Asian girls have problems shopping at Zara, H&M due to shoulder line being off, the sleeves/pants/dresses are too long.   So in summary, European design, better cut for petite, slim, and tall women is why I shop heavily for Korean fashion. After moving back to SF, I could not find similar styles and cuts of clothing and decided to partner with my friend to import fashion from Korean as my own boutique online shop and bring some of the best, hard to find, fashionable cuts to the US.

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Syl SF: Korean Style…韓貨? 韓版? 韓款?


對於比較偏向歐美風的S來說, 搬回台灣的這兩年, 在台北買衣服的選擇真的非常有限, 有好一陣子不是Mango就是Zara, 買衣服真是遇到了大瓶頸, 在台北大街小巷的韓貨店卻讓S慢慢發現韓風其實多半是歐美風的延伸, 更多的細節設計, 讓整體想要營造的感覺又更豐富, 兩個最大的差別, 其實就是在於複雜度, 韓貨會在亞洲大發異彩不外乎高質感, 適合亞洲人的剪裁, 真的是所謂集東西之大成! 相信姊妹們在zara都遇過跟我類似的情況, 胸腺不對, 肩帶過長等等, 韓貨的部分真的都不太會遇到這樣的問題, 像S最愛買的西裝外套, 上衣到洋裝常常都是one size, 對於一般身材的姊妹來說都不是問題, 不過因為畢竟現在市面上也有很多韓貨的仿冒品, 要怎麼分別呢?!

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Syl Nagoya, JP: Ripped Denim Dungarees

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Sunnies: Karen Walker  / Coat: Cheers Boutique / Denim Overalls: Zara

Shoes: Ash  / Top: Between Boutique 

前陣子沒有時間逛街, 為了想要快速了解當今在流行什麼, S通常會去Zara逛一圈, 順便找尋比較輕鬆的outfit for 即將到來的日本之旅, 因為travel的那段時間適逢親戚造訪加上為了準備放鬆的大吃大喝, 帶去的outfit想要走比較休閒輕鬆的look, 看到TRF的區域, 一件件吊帶牛仔褲, 就忍不住拿了一件試穿, 沒想到版型很符合亞洲人的身材~

S在日本outing的整天是搭配Ash wedge sneakers, 跟S一樣屬於比較嬌小沒有九頭身的姊妹們, 寬鬆反摺的吊帶牛仔褲需要搭配有點跟的鞋子, 比例會比較好~

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Syl Seoul: Best Destination Spot for BFF

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset每個人一生中都有談過遠距離戀愛的經驗?! 但是不知道你有沒有跟你的BFF談過遠距呢? S跟C一直都是遠距, S在Austin, C在舊金山 & Dallas, S搬回台灣, C在上海, 以前在美國都住德州的我們, 除了開車拜訪彼此, 抓到放假機會, 最喜歡一起explore美國不同的city, 之前應該跟大家介紹過Vegas是我們在美國最愛的destination spot; 亞洲的話絕對非首爾莫屬!!!!

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V London: Some shoes are not meant for walking ;)

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I am sure every girl have at least once in the life bought a pair of shoes just because they look really pretty but they are absolutely impossible to walk in. This pair of Brian Atwood was one of my impulse buys. When  I saw it on the shelves, the bright color combination of hot pink, neon yellow and bronze gold was just irresistible. The bold combination of materials of snake patterned leather, patent leather and suede was also a work of art. I could imagine so many outfits I can match it with.

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V London: New Years Eve outfit

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had just a great start of the year 2015 as I did.

Every year, the new years eve party is one that is very much looked forward to. This past party celebrating the end of 2014, I spent it in Germany with a few close friends watching the fireworks and  going to a club after.

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V London: Colorful Fall

image (2)

We are entering fall, leaves are falling and the weather is starting to get chilly. When you think of outfits for the fall, one mainly thinks of the dark and dull colors – but sometimes in a time of depressing weather, colorful outfits can help you get through the few months until the happy months of Christmas comes by. 🙂

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S & V: Hong Kong, My Home. :) – Afternoon tea


Since I am a true Hong Kong-er, born and raised in Hong Kong, a lot of my friends ask me for insider recommendations for when they visit my home city. S and her friends are going to spend a long weekend in HongKong and I was extremely excited to share my insider recommendations with them. 🙂

從小在香港長大的我, 常常被朋友問到香港有哪些好玩的地方, 這一次S跟他的好朋友們要到香港玩, 趁著這次的機會我要來跟大家分享旅遊書上不會寫到的好去處!

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