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V London: Some shoes are not meant for walking ;)

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I am sure every girl have at least once in the life bought a pair of shoes just because they look really pretty but they are absolutely impossible to walk in. This pair of Brian Atwood was one of my impulse buys. When  I saw it on the shelves, the bright color combination of hot pink, neon yellow and bronze gold was just irresistible. The bold combination of materials of snake patterned leather, patent leather and suede was also a work of art. I could imagine so many outfits I can match it with.

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V London: New Years Eve outfit

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had just a great start of the year 2015 as I did.

Every year, the new years eve party is one that is very much looked forward to. This past party celebrating the end of 2014, I spent it in Germany with a few close friends watching the fireworks and  going to a club after.

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V London: Colorful Fall

image (2)

We are entering fall, leaves are falling and the weather is starting to get chilly. When you think of outfits for the fall, one mainly thinks of the dark and dull colors – but sometimes in a time of depressing weather, colorful outfits can help you get through the few months until the happy months of Christmas comes by. 🙂

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S & V: Hong Kong, My Home. :) – Afternoon tea


Since I am a true Hong Kong-er, born and raised in Hong Kong, a lot of my friends ask me for insider recommendations for when they visit my home city. S and her friends are going to spend a long weekend in HongKong and I was extremely excited to share my insider recommendations with them. 🙂

從小在香港長大的我, 常常被朋友問到香港有哪些好玩的地方, 這一次S跟他的好朋友們要到香港玩, 趁著這次的機會我要來跟大家分享旅遊書上不會寫到的好去處!

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V London: FIFA World Cup 2014 Experience – Brazil, the country with a passion for football


I have always loved watching football since I was a kid. My family used to sit around in the middle of the night watching the world cup. Growing up, I have always supported team Brazil and I have always wanted to go watch a World Cup match live.

從小就很愛看足球賽, 我們全家更是常常一起熬夜看世足, 從小大到, 我一直都是巴西的頭號大粉絲!! 長大後更是夢想著有一天可以親自到巴西體驗這場盛會!

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V London: Going to Brazil for the FIFA Worldcup! (Packing for the trip)

image (4)

The entire world is excited about the month long FIFA World cup. This time the tournament is in Brazil. I have always grown up in a family of football fans and so I jumped on this opportunity to go to Brazil this year to witness this much anticipated event.

整個世界都在為FIFA世界足球賽而興奮, 這次的比賽是在巴西舉行. 從小到大我們家就很迷足球, 這一次我終於有機會要到巴西去親自去參加這個盛會!!!!!

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V London: Boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding (part 2: Evening dinner reception)

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It is typical in Germany to have an all day wedding. They usually start with the ceremony in a church in the day and continues the day with cocktail and finger food, and in the evening a wedding reception and party. For the evening, it is typically slightly more formal – a cocktail dress is a must. I chose to wear a black and white tube dress and matched it with a pair of electric blue pumps to add some color to it. 😉

在德國的婚禮都是慶祝一整天, 通常會先在教堂有個婚禮儀式緊接著雞尾酒會, 晚上就是晚飯跟趴踢. 晚上的慶祝晚餐場合會比較正式, 所以換上正式的小洋裝絕對是必要的. 希望大家會喜歡我今天的黑白小洋裝配上寶藍色的高跟鞋喔!

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Boyfriend’s ex- girlfriend’s wedding (part 1: In the day – wedding ceremony)

image (1)

It is tough enough to find the right dress to wear when attending a wedding. It is especially tricky when it comes to attending the wedding of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. 😉

要找到一件適合參加婚禮的小洋裝已經不簡單了, 更何況是男友的前女友的婚禮! 哈!

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Syl Taipei: Girls’ Date-Spring Colors


久久沒回去, 一回去S最愛的東區小店Between逛逛, 就發現好多好貨, 趕快跟大家分享一下!! Between裡的韓貨價格真的是我比價過最合理的, V每次回香港也都會去像這種小店採購韓貨, 他發現同個牌子在台灣的Between這家店裡賣的價格是最好的…而且VIP還可以再打折, 真的是值得推薦的好店, 大家也趕快去看看喔!

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V London: Lavender

image (6)

Another color you will see a lot in this year’s spring collection is Lavender. I am not a big fan of this coir because i think it looks way too girly. But i managed to find a piece from Zara that i can match with shorts and jeans – look how I created outfits with this piece of lavender top!

這一季會常看到的另一個顏色是薰衣草紫, 因為這是一個比較女性的顏色, 比較偏好中性色的我沒有這麼的偏愛, 但是還是在Zara找到了一件top來跟我的短褲還有牛仔褲做搭配, 大家來看看我怎麼搭配他們吧!

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V London: Yellow

image Its Spring! Finally the season of blooming flowers and vibrant colors. 🙂 This year, yellow is definitely still in for spring. Of course, i have to prep myself for this with different outfits with yellow as an element. If you are not a big fan of yellow, you can try matching with black and white to tone it down a little. If you like bold mix and matches, then you can add a bright piece of accessory to make the outfit more fun as well!

春天來嚕! 終於又到了花花的季節了! 今年春天黃色絕對還是當道, 我也準備好了一系列以黃色為主軸的穿搭, 假如你擔心黃色配上太春天的顏色會太亮, 太誇張, 那就試著搭配黑色或白色走比較低調的路線, 也還是很IN喔! 🙂

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V London: I love Sweatshirts too!


Previously S has mentioned how she loves sweatshirts. I share the same love for comfy, casual sweatshirts too. 🙂 they are simply perfect for a casual weekend!

之前S有跟大家提過她有多愛sweatshirts, 今天我也要跟大家介紹我對sweatshirts的喜愛, casul舒服的sweatshirts是我在週末的時候最愛的打扮!

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V London: Love for Scarves

image (1)

Medium sized square scarf: Alexander McQueen

I am a big fan of scarves. No matter the weather, whether it is breezy in spring or freezing cold in winter, i always find scarves to be really practical accessories for different types of outfit.
Just to show you a few of my recent favorites – These scarves comes in different shapes, sizes and material. But as you can see, if you go for easy to match colors like black, white, and nude, you can basically wear simple plain outfits but have a completely different look simply by matching different scarves.
我一直都很熱愛圍巾  不管天氣如何  從舒服的春天天氣到冷到不行的冬天  圍巾不只實用又好搭配
今天就是要跟你分享一下我最近很喜歡的幾條圍巾-這些圍巾從材質到size都不一樣, 你只要簡單的跟黑色,白色或是裸色搭配, 在怎麼簡單的上衣都因為了這幾條圍巾而帶出不一樣的感覺喔!