crYs SH: Eight cities & eight bags, which one you want to travel with?


A romantic date! Las Vegas + San Francisco @ Las Vegas.

Every city has it’s own character. Sometimes you will wake up and say “Oh! I want something crazy like Vegas!” or on a rainy day, you will dream about Hawaiian sunshine! Pick your favorite city tote bag to express yourself while you are on the road.

每天起床就是天馬行空的想,今天要去哪裡玩!水瓶座的通病真的就是一刻不得閒!也因為就是有這樣的想法, 我把自己創作的畫作變成了一個一個的托特包!今天起床,也許就是想要一個暖洋洋的夏威夷陽光. 一整個禮拜被老闆追殺,週末就是想要來個西班牙式的大喝醉.今天你想要怎麼樣的心情呢? 帶上pinkpunkdesign 的City tote bag一起去旅行吧!


“San Francisco” travels to Bogota, Colombia for the first time!

From Artist / 畫家告白

First collection of “pinkpunkdesign” city tote bag is finally coming! As a landscape architect for 8 years, I have been to many cities for both work and fun. I like to catch each city’s feeling and landscape into my own creations. One day last year, I had an idea, instead of hanging my art work on the wall, why not instead travel with them?!  After 3 months, I finally produced the first summer collection for this special project! These tote bags can be a sunshine to your day or a great gift for your friends who love traveling!

當了8年的景觀設計師,因為工作及興趣,拜訪過了許多世界各地的城市. 除了用相機,我更喜歡用畫筆紀錄旅程中無法拍攝的回憶及城市特色. 在去年的一個談話裡, 我決定與其讓這些畫作在家裡睡覺, 還不如和我一起去旅行吧!就這樣過了3個月,第一批的8個城市包包誕生了.


Thank you for the big support from my girlfriends and family. Now, those pinkpunkdesign bags have flown to more than 14 cities and have created many sweet stories for our customers. I believe art can speak for itself and these special bags will connect you with a stranger who has good memories with the city you carry on your shoulder. Even thought you travel alone, you can feel something special about the city that you cary. What you are waiting for? Choose your favorite pinkpunk bag and go travel!

感謝身邊好友對我的支持,現在pinkpunkdesign包包也已經飛到很多不同的國家!也帶來了很多不同的小故事及插曲. 我相信藝術可以變成一種無形的語言, 在旅行的的過程中,因為你的包, 拉起了你和陌生人的距離, 增加了你和小夥伴之間的話題. 即使是一人旅行的時候,包包上的畫作細節,也能與你緊緊的在一起!選擇一款你也有共鳴的城市包, 一起帶著他去旅行吧!


“Barcelona” loves sunny day with Sylvia in San Francisco.


Dallas @ Dallas. We also have flower season in dry Texas!


“Shanghai” wants to ride a bicycle in Cartagena, Colombia!

The summer 2016 collection is available both in Taiwan and USA. These are all limited editions and cost $19.99 per tote bag plus a USA shipping fee. All the bags will be shipped from Portland. If you are in the US, you can either order directly on Etsy or contact me through email. If you are in Taiwan, please contact me directly through my email below.

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