Syl & C: Who doesn’t love dress code?!

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We are like most other girls. We love dressing up and playing with different dress codes. Although I have to admit that I’m the one who enjoys proposing dress code ideas whenever we have a chance.  I know my friends sometimes get a little bit annoyed by me. Although they all like to complain every time at first, they still turn up looking so beautiful and dressed up! I’m always so proud of them and it is just so much fun! There is no doubt that girls love finding different excuses to go on a shopping trip! 😉

就跟每個女生一樣:喜歡打扮,喜歡在party的時候玩不同的穿著主題規定。老實說在一群姐妹們當中,只要有逮到任何可以打扮的機會,我最愛第一個發號施令規定大家的穿著。我也知道很多時候我的姐妹會覺得很煩跟囉嗦,不過看到大家最後都還是亮麗出場玩得不亦樂乎, 我就格外的開心!  不可否認,每個女生天性都是一樣的,逮到機會可以好好逛街買東西,怎麼可以浪費。

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The first night in Vegas, our dress code was lace with fall / winter colors. I do have lots of lace dresses but this time I wanted to do something different. When we think about lace, we always associate lace with more feminine / lady look. I wanted to be more playful and surprised my girls this time after all everyone was making so much effort to make this trip happen! We gotta do something fun!


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So If I need a new outfit for partying or going out, I always check out bebe for the first inspiration. Luckily I found this black lace jumper from there and it fits my purpose perfectly. It’s sexy and cool at the same time. I want to be able to to show more personality instead of just being sexy or feminine. Here it goes…I found it!


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I do tend to have this bad habit of getting new outfits every time I have a big event or party going on. I hate to wear the same thing again. In order to be financially responsible at the same time, these fast fashion stores such as H&M, Bebe, Zara etc are really good places for me to find something trendy but at a very reasonable price.

說到這個壞習慣,我相信很多女生都能感同身受。凡事只要亮過相的小禮服,從此之後就默默的被打入冷宮了。可能是因為小小的虛榮心在作祟或是自以為自己是celebrity的自我良好感, 不想被大家在這些重要場合看到重複的穿著,感覺會覺得超糗。雖然每次都覺得這樣很浪費錢,可是還是一直無法改變這個壞習慣。這時候像Zara, Bebe, H&M,這些流行度很高,換季速度很快的牌子就是最好的去處,尺寸也比較少符合亞洲人的身型,最主要是價格也平價許多。



It was my first time staying at the Cosmo in Vegas. I love the location especially the modern look, the gorgeous balcony night view, and of course this awesome bathroom. Looking all gorgeous at the party is not the most fun experience for me. What makes me truly excited is the process of getting the right clothes, doing make up and hair, matching the right accessories with my outfit and doing this all with my girlfriends!!


大家可能都以為對我們來說,最興奮的那一刻應該是我們著裝完畢亮麗出擊的那一刻,其實不是! 我想這一整個過程讓我最興奮的,是從找到對的衣服,化妝,搭配首飾,鞋子和包包,這一整個打扮的過程才是我最享受的地方,尤其是當你最好的朋友都在身旁!

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My outfit 

Black Lace Jumpsuit: Bebe Old (Similar here) / Heels: Cole Hann Old ( Similar here)

Clutch: The Eva Clutch Louis Vuitton


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The night is young and you only live once! YOLO!  xoxo


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